Beta Tester Program

Be a part of’s transformation on Android!

Help us by testing and giving your feedback to improve the features and user experience of our latest application.

(We will send an email invitation to test the closed beta version of the Android Mobile Apps through this email)

How can I participate?

As a part of the Beta Tester Program, you will have early access to try out and test the new features of the our mobile application. You may provide your feedback on your conducted test results to afterwards.

Want to take part in the making of the next application and test it on the developer beta?

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Beta Tester Program Beta Tester Program is an end-user testing simulation program to validate the usability, functionality, compatibility, and reliability testing of the brand new application.

The program is open for everyone who have been registered as a Verified Member on Verified Member to be participated in this program will later be called as a Tester.

the Tester who have completed and passed the selection process will be receive an email from the Tester will then be granted access to conduct the program testing on the Beta Tester feature and be given the information and data needed. will provide a feedback link for the Tester 's conducted test results.

No, Beta Tester Program is free.

The compensation will be given by to the Tester based on their review results on the program testing.

Yes. Any information and/or data provided by to the Tester and/or data obtained by the Tester during the program testing is confidential. For this reason, the Tester will be required to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement before starting to test the Beta Tester program in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions.

The Beta Tester Program will be ended once the feedback from the Tester is received by and the compensation given to the Tester.

If you have any question regarding the terms and conditions or anything about Beta Tester Program , please kindly contact us at [email protected]

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